Demo Cameyo to Your Customers

Demonstrating How Customers Can Run Windows Apps on Any Device is Easy

Whether they are trying to enable long-term (or permanent) remote work or they're in the middle of a cloud migration - your customers are looking for a way to deliver all of the business-critical apps their people need to stay productive from anywhere, on any device, from the cloud. In most cases, they're likely familiar with or have already utilized traditional virtual desktop (VDI/DaaS) products, so they are familiar with the complexity and cost of those options.

Which is why providing a demo of Cameyo is so powerful. Within minutes you can demonstrate for customers how simple they can deliver apps to any device with Cameyo. And Cameyo makes it easy for you to give these demos, too. See below for a guide to giving your own demos, and find a link to a quick demo video you can send to customers as a follow-up.

A Dedicated Cameyo Server for Your Salespeople

Cameyo Demo Process for D&H

Access your Cameyo demo server now - just click the document to the left to get started.

As a D&H salesperson, you have 24/7 access to a simplified Cameyo demo server. Show your customers how they can run any Windows app simply and securely from the browser. We have included a few popular apps, but feel free to load any Windows apps for this Cameyo demo. The step-by-step guide to your left provides you with all you need.

Need Help from Cameyo? No Problem.

We're here to help. If you'd like someone from Cameyo to provide the initial demo, perform a tech review, or answer questions during the customer meeting, simply register the deal and let us know what you need. Register your deal here.

Not ready to give a demo? No problem. Send them the Cameyo demo video.

We have produced a quick demo video that highlights the customer's end user experience, how to install and publish a Windows app on the Cameyo Server, and some basic features. Simply share the video located to your left.

Cameyo Demo Slide Deck

Cameyo_Demo Deck_D&H

Cameyo makes remote work, work.

As you become more familiar with Cameyo, you may be ready to give a complete demo that includes:

- The Cameyo value proposition

- Why a cloud-native service is superior to pre-cloud technology

- Features and benefits

- Pricing and more

You can utilize the Cameyo deck to the left for any demos. NOTE: If you need to modify or customize this deck, you can download the deck at the link below and then go to "File" then select "Make a Copy."